History of The Nutrition Society

According to the first volume of Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, published in 1944, it was agreed in 1941 that there was a need to establish a Nutrition Society by the following individuals; J. Barcroft H. Chick J.C Drummond J Hammond L.J Harris F.G. Hopkins H.D Kay C.J Martin E. Mellanby J.B Orr R.A. Peters.

A meeting of workers interested in nutritional problems, convened by Sir John Orr (Chair) was held at the Royal Institution in 1941. It was agreed that the main objective of the new Society should be to provide ‘…a common meeting place for workers in various fields of nutrition’.

The main function of the Society would be to hold conferences to discuss special themes, particularly of those of importance during the war.

Following the establishment of an interim committee, the first AGM of the Society took place in 1942, where the election of the first Honorary Officers was confirmed:

  • Sir John Orr – Chairman
  • Dr J Hammond (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr A.L Bacharach (Treasurer)
  • Dr L.J Harris (Secretary)
  • Dr E.M Cruickshank (Assistant Secretary)

For a full history please read ‘The history of the Nutrition Society‘ by Alice M Copping in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (vol 37, issue 02 Sept 1978, pp105-139) or read ‘Foundation of the Nutrition Society‘ from Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (vol 1, issue 1-2 Mar 1944, pp1-6).

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